The Footwear That Has Stood The Tests Of Time

image You will not find another piece of fashion wear that can claim to represent the American culture more than the Minnetonka moccasins. This shoe that has its humble origins deeply rooted in American nativity has brought down international boundaries even much before the advent of the Internet. The concept of the global village that we now see, was seeded more than fifty years ago in America when the moccasins sailed out from the American shores to cross the Atlantic and land in Europe. Thereafter, there was no looking back for this iconic shoe. Its popularity spread like wild fire that moved from one country to another, and today you find its foot mark all across the globe.

The origin

The shoe belonged to the tribes of America, who used to wear this beaded footwear that was decorated with shells. The tribes could be identified from the shoes that they wore because the color of the shoes were specific for a particular tribe. Although the preference for design would vary among the tribes, the shoes were unique and beautifully decorated. Special occasions like hunting were celebrated by wearing different kind of shoes. In fact there were shoes to suit different occasions.

Heritage rediscovered

The discovery of these shoes in the souvenir shops by the American travellers , who ventured to the country side after the Second World War was over, proved to be a turning point for this fabled foot wear. What was a necessity for the survival of the natives was converted to a fashion item. The rugged looks, soft and durable quality and the immense comfort of wearing it in all seasons made it a hot pick for the urban population. The appeal of the moccasins was so universal that men, women and kids soon became its followers. It seemed that people took pride in flaunting their moccasins that displayed the American cultural roots.

The flag bearer

The Minnetonka Moccasins Company can take the credit to be the flag bearer of American culture and style for their dedication and far sight in catapulting the moccasins to the international fashion arena. They have been continuously innovating new designs to add variety that has multiplied it’s rapidly, without compromising the quality and the originality of the footwear. Their relationship with the footwear is best exemplified by the fact that people prefer to call these shoes as Minnetonka moccasins despite the fact that they are neither the inventors nor the sole manufacturers, as there are many more companies manufacturing moccasins. They have become the bench mark for all manufacturers of moccasins.

Respecting tradition

In spite of innovations and technological advancements, the moccasins are still manufactured by hand. This shows how much respectful The Minnetonka Moccasin Company still remains to the product that has made them a household name today in most countries of the world. The embroidery, the beading and the fringe designs are all very truthful to the original design. Moose hide and deer skin are still used as the basic materials for these shoes but to remain in tune with times, other materials like sheep skin, suede and cow hide are also being used. More colors are being added to add variety. However, the originality has never faded.

Moccasins for women

Moccasins are available for all but moccasins for women need special mention because women are the last word in fashion. You will seldom find a shoe that has equal proportions of comfort and fashion at a cost that is affordable. In fact, the range of moccasins for women are much more that men or children. The historical Thunderbird moccasins, that was launched for women more than half a century ago still occupies the center stage even though there are several other styles that have evolved with time. The light weight and softness are so unique to this footwear that you will never find another shoe that can be matching with it in these parameters.

Cutting across genders and influencing people of all ages, the moccasins are your best bet for fashion and comfort. If you have started using it, be sure that you will get habituated to it that will leave you with a feeling of dissatisfaction if not worn.